Cloud Cottage Creative Charitable Mission!

Clint Decker

As The Cloud Cottage Creative Company we have had many hardships with our health and finances. One thing that we truly believe is that being grateful for the things that we have and can do should always be observed foremost. One of our ways of showing gratitude for the things we have and can do is by using our ability to make things and sell them to donate to good causes. So what we have decided is that we would create this candle specifically for Black Mountain and sell it online and donate all the profit and the cost of making it in a attempt to amplify our giving. We will make as many of these as you will buy and donate all the income to a charity here in our local community. We understand there are issues with people not being able to afford medication, food and their utilities. Right now we are donating the proceeds of our online sales from our Black Mountain Frazier Fir candle to:
 The clock in this image is our town center clock and very much the center piece of our wonderful town. The watercolor artwork is taken from Tracie Luther's Misty Mountain Series. It comes in a glass apothecary jar or a travel tin. Its 8oz of 100% soy wax. The scent is Frazier Fir and is state of the art clean scent technology that doesn't contain any of the nasty stuff that fragrances are usually made of. 
We feel as though we have been blessed in so many ways we hope we can use our creative abilities to amplify our resources so we can do much much more for the people in need in our beautiful "Little Town That Rocks" Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce

8oz. Travel Tin 16.99

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